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Latino Film Festival San Diego 2009

Could life get any cooler? I dare to imagine......... This awesome film which was the 3rd top grossing film of all time in Columbia, beat out hits like Batman & such.. This film called "PARAISO TRAVEL", premiered in San Diego last night and the stars of the film as well as the director was here to boot. I feel so lucky to have been in the room with them. Then, they all jumped on the interview stage for this rare photo op. Life is good. The dashing gentleman on the left is Ethan Van Thillo, the Executive Director of the festival, next is Simon Brand, the director, Angelica Blandon, the female lead,Yolanda S. Walther-Meade, festival coordinator, Tony Dalton, one of the male leads.
This was truly a moment to be captured. Afterwards the film was screened to audience raves ! If you get a moment before the festival is over, i highly recommend you make time to go see this film. It will be shown a few more times before the festival is over. Who knows, you might just bump elbows with another star of Latino Cinema. Bienvenidos !!!!

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