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Papi's New Clothes !

After much consideration , Papi has decided to don a denim garb that allows him to have a sense of freedom.  Let me know what you think about his hoppin new look.  I just need to get a matching outfit now.........


Announcing Zoe ...........

Announcing Zoe......
On July 27th this little angel came into the life of Mike and Kristine.  What a blessing indeed.  The announcement card below has been skillfully created by Kristine to announce their bundle of joy to the world.  As you can imagine 7 pounds, 7 ounces is long past and Zoe is on her way to ruling the roost.  You can check out mom's very talented graphic design website at
Enjoy !


All about the HOT RODZ ......

Photographed some really nice HOT RODZ this past weekend.  Enjoy .............


Point Loma Lighthouse !

This past weekend the opportunity availed itself to visit the inner workings of the Point Loma Lighthouse !  The location of this lighthouse appears to be at the optimum location.  It is at a very high vantage point at the mouth of one of the last bays on the South of the West Coast of the continental 48 states.  The only problem is that when the weather comes in off the ocean it blinds the light and causes it to become a hazard.  This oops became apparent immediately when this lighthouse went into service and ships routinely ran aground trying to navigate it.  Upon activation another lighthouse built at the bottom of the hill not so susceptible to the whims of the weather was designed and built to correct the error made by civil engineers for the government at the time.  The lighthouse was in use for about 30 years and has since been a landmark and used for snack shops, tea rooms and other non-essential purposes.  It is very beautiful and these images are my take-aways!


March ...........

What an incredible opportunity !  Recently the  opportunity presented itself to obtain a graphic novel co-written by Congressman John Lewis and based on his experience related to the March on Washington - 50 years ago !  Well, actually Congressman John Lewis was also on hand to sign the book, so it was a 2 for 1 opportunity.  I was jazzed to make my way to the front of the line and get my copy and shake Congressman John Lewis' hand.  The images below are from this day ..............
Peace, Justice, Equality ....


Erin and Jeremy called me out of the blue and let me know that they were having a simple, humble wedding in a not so glamorous location with not many people there, but they wanted to capture the moment without burdening anyone in their group.  I took the assignment because they are friends.  Let me just tell you there ceremony was totally glamorous and Erin stole the show with her amazing presence and gorgeous smile.  I am honored to be able to share this with you and feature the last session of 2012 of a couple that deserves it.  The way Jeremy looks into Erin’s eyes and gently takes her hand into his lets you know that they are destined for greatness together….. !  They are truly one of the most incredible couples I have ever had the pleasure of capturing.  I’ll stop rambling and let you just see them in action……..  Bon Foto !

Rawr .. Erin - Work it gurl !

Classic Treatment - Timeless.

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