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My Hero

This is my dad. Herbert Malter. He is the guy that i look to for strength, support and guidance. I often wonder what the world would be like without great dads like mine. Who else would teach us how to fish, swim, trap and raise livestock? Every spring, we turned in the topsoil and set our furrows for the veggies yet to come and by the time we were studying up for finals, there was something on the stalk, vine or in the patch. I thought it was magic. I now understand that it was good planning an almanac and a heap of animal waste. Why, what else can make corn plants grow to 10 feet tall and okra the size of your little finger be the size of a banana by the time you get home from school. I would cringe when i arrived home from school and one of the hogs would be loose, terrorizing the neighborhood. My dad would tell me to put my school bags down, change my clothes and come on out to help get the hog back into the cage. It seemed as if they were waiting on me to do this chore. Well, they were. Once we achieved our goal, my dad would tell me over dinner that putting the hog back in the pen and securing it so he doesnt get out again was just part of being a responsible caretaker. He would also tell me to look back on this moment a year from now, when we were eating the bacon or the pork chops or roasts. The flavor would be that much sweeter ! He was so right. Apologies go out to my vegetarian friends. Trust me i spared you the details, but the story needed to be told. My dad also showed me compassion and caring by example. Whenever we'd pass someone in need, my dad would always go and talk to them and see what the issue was as well as give them some food or even some cash. When i'd ask why he always talks to those folks, he'd tell me "What harm is there in being nice to folks"? He also said "God doesnt like ugly and that he'd probably want us to help his children instead of making fun as we go by". Yes, i put my dad on a pedestal, but i still think he deserves it. Enough for now, but be warned, i have more...................that's for a later date ! :-)

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