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Well.................. after a lot of soul searching and reflection Papi decided to come back to us and let everyone know that he is "out".  "Out" of his trusted beanie that is.  He had always seen himself as a bear since he was born in a ward surrounded by baby bears with similar furs and dressings.  It took me a while to explain that those cute little tighty whiteys while fashionable are not the normal attire for a bunny of his age.  So, we will be going to the haberdashery for bunnies of his age and acquiring some suitable styles.  Below is a photo taken of Papi on the beach in Santa Barbara just prior to sunset during a reflective moment.  As you can see the beanie is gone and he is gaining comfort and confidence with the ears that have been hiding under the beanie until now.  He wanted me to post this pic so that you could see that he has been taking care of himself and is in good spirits.  We will post some pics of his new rags once he figures out which style he wants to rock.

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