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Artist Statement

                Photography for me is a form of communication relative to the experiences that I have.  A photograph conveys so much more than words possibly can.  Photography is a visceral medium with so much more power than any other artistic expression!  This Art form made an impression on me in the beginning of my affair with it because of the requirement to use chemicals, time, and technique to slowly coax the image from the cellulose frames.  My initial experience and training with photography was before the days of digital imagery.  The photographic processing experience was and still is akin to sorcery in my opinion.  You can give several technicians or artisans the exact same negative in the same darkroom, same chemicals, equipment etc. and you will invariably achieve different results when the paper dries and is brought out into the light for viewing.  I long for the times that I am able to have this experience from time to time.
          My subject matter is varied based on my mood and opportunity.  I believe that most photographers are opportunists at heart because even if we take the time to plan and stage a circumstance there will be some element that causes the capture to be an opportunity.  Maybe it’s the lighting that has changed ever so slightly or the focus that is in a different place.  There will be some element that is completely out of the control of the artist and becomes an element of opportunity.  This being said : one of my favorite elements is nature !  I enjoy capturing flowers and other organic nature with blemishes and unique character intact.  If a flower petal has a bug on it or chew holes or stains left behind by an insect, it is high on my interest radar.  I also enjoy capturing photos of humans caught in the human experience.  The human experience is relative and very personal to me as an artist.  A portrait that can be simple to someone else might have a significant meaning to me.  It might speak of aging or an activity or accomplishment in the human subjects’ life that will be remembered forever when the captured image is reviewed.  I feel an honor and a privilege to be able to be present when the moment happens and to have the permission to capture the moment for posterity.  I also enjoy capturing the human form as a fine art subject.  Coming from an extremely racist and homophobic Southern state in the United States, it is interesting and revealing to me to capture subjects that peel back the layers of these subjects in a manner that is likely taboo to most observers.  I explore these subjects in a forensic manner the way a medical examiner looks for clues in a case!  The presented image is intended to incite engagement, debate, discussion and even introspection sometimes from the viewer.  Emotions are elicited and often result in strong feelings about an image.  You’re welcome!
          In the course of the photography process I enjoy the privilege and the honor of gaining an education about life, people, the process, and the way that life can be manipulated.  The final photograph that you are viewing at any given time is so much more than simply being in the right time and pulling the trigger to acquire what is before you.  In the case of objects, plants and the like there is often many times that the artist passes or examines the object many days before actually composing the image and capturing it.  During which time, change occurs.  The change can be in the form of wilt, growth or being eaten by an herbivore.  In the case of a human subject there is often a court-ship of sorts that occurs.  The artist is interested in a particular subject so contact is made.  The subject decides whether they would be interested in return to go forward with the artist.  The project is discussed as well as locations, dates and potential times.  Once all of the variables are worked out the “date” is in motion.  Once the two parties meet for the first time there is a chemical and energy exchange to see if the two can coexist and work together productively.  The session and the resulting images are a product of this chemical and energy connection.  When the connection is weak, the images show it clearly and are usually archived and never shown.  When the connection is strong, amazing images are produced and the artist can usually barely contain themselves to share with others.
          Hopefully this little blurb provides a bit of insider information as to the reasoning behind the imagery that I capture and share.  Each image is to be viewed on its own as an individual work of art although I completely understand that some groups or images are digested as a group and judged as such…   Enjoy the visual feast !
          Building Components to achieve the final image !  During this invigorating journey the artist, the subject and even the edit and com positioning process facilitate an education that would not otherwise be possible.  The meaning of life begins to come into perspective as one engages with subjects both animated and inanimate alike.  The stories begin to meld into a tapestry with its own life.  Take the time to examine each image and imagine the time of day, the warmth of the sun or the gentle breeze whirling by.  May Peace embrace you…


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