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Louisiana Live Oak ! This tree has been in my life for 40 + years and it was there long before i had it to lean on ! We have launched the boat near it and had a plenty of picnic under it. This was also the spot where we used to get some really nice snow balls during the annual church bazaar ! The spanish moss hanging from the branches always remind me of home. Our church is no longer there thanks to Hurricane Katrina, but the memories will always remain .........

This was the first family reunion that i had the opportunity to attend. This was July 1-3, 2005. I was able to see some of my folks that i havent seen in a long time. My father who is in this picture, is no longer with us, but he'll always be in my heart ! I think about him every day and wish he were still here to talk to me and so i could just throw hugs on him. I feel so fortunate to have been able to spend this special time with my family and some really close friends. During this holiday time i really feel nostalgic for the old holiday parties at Nano's house and my bartending duties ! :-)
Au Revoir - Mon Amis !

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