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Erin and Jeremy called me out of the blue and let me know that they were having a simple, humble wedding in a not so glamorous location with not many people there, but they wanted to capture the moment without burdening anyone in their group.  I took the assignment because they are friends.  Let me just tell you there ceremony was totally glamorous and Erin stole the show with her amazing presence and gorgeous smile.  I am honored to be able to share this with you and feature the last session of 2012 of a couple that deserves it.  The way Jeremy looks into Erin’s eyes and gently takes her hand into his lets you know that they are destined for greatness together….. !  They are truly one of the most incredible couples I have ever had the pleasure of capturing.  I’ll stop rambling and let you just see them in action……..  Bon Foto !

Rawr .. Erin - Work it gurl !

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