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Point Loma Lighthouse !

This past weekend the opportunity availed itself to visit the inner workings of the Point Loma Lighthouse !  The location of this lighthouse appears to be at the optimum location.  It is at a very high vantage point at the mouth of one of the last bays on the South of the West Coast of the continental 48 states.  The only problem is that when the weather comes in off the ocean it blinds the light and causes it to become a hazard.  This oops became apparent immediately when this lighthouse went into service and ships routinely ran aground trying to navigate it.  Upon activation another lighthouse built at the bottom of the hill not so susceptible to the whims of the weather was designed and built to correct the error made by civil engineers for the government at the time.  The lighthouse was in use for about 30 years and has since been a landmark and used for snack shops, tea rooms and other non-essential purposes.  It is very beautiful and these images are my take-aways!

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